A Word From The Owner of Gld'n Brwn

Hello and WELCOME to the Inner Circle.

I wanted to create something that would be worn equally with pride and style. As opposed to just taking an existing logo and reselling it.

I wanted to create something from scratch with my friends, family, community, and heritage in mind. The goal was to create something identifiable that was equally simple as it was bold. Something that was equally strategic as it was passionate.

Thus, the signature "G" logo featured on the hats and apparel. Let me explain:

The "G" comes from the name of the brand, GLD'N BRWN. The goal was to create a logo that was simple and identifiable, yet had substance behind it. Additionally, I wanted it to be recognizable similar to a baseball cap, like LA Dodgers or New York Yankees for example.  Of course it had to stand out and pop.

The  asymmetrical, two-tone circle that surrounds the "G", is a representation of the "inner circle" that is prevalent within our culture. This is an ode to the mantra of the label, which is "within the community, we all know who 'US' is". The two-tone color scheme is representative of the versatility and intersectionality within our village. Obviously there are more than two forms of representation within our culture, but this is our way of acknowledging that those overlapping identities are present and relevant. 


Founder & Owner